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James Brouillette
They literally gutted our kitchen. It was unrecognizable. The results were magazine-worthy, it is gorgeous. The layout makes so much more sense and the fixtures are even better than I could have imagined.
Cathleen Fegan
The kitchen in the home we purchased had decent counters and cupboards but needed new fixtures, appliances, counters, and cabinet/drawer pulls. These guys are amazing. Professional and experienced.
Kathleen Lopez
We needed a ground floor powder room and they helped us identify a spot to install one. It is tiny but functional and super cute. They managed to squeeze in a vanity for the sink and a mini chandelier. I love it!
Lane Rodriguez
They knocked down a wall and extended our master bath into a guest room. It is amazing, huge tub, separate shower enclosure, and double vanity. The layout is perfect and the style matches ours.
Jeff Underwood
We ‘finished’ our basement 30 years ago but it was time to do it again. They had a ton of ideas and turned it into a space more beautiful than any basement I have ever seen. It gave us so much more square footage.
Christina Nelson
Our old windows were letting all the hot air out and the cold air in and our heating bills were too high. They helped us choose the proper window design and replaced all of the windows in our home. Such an improvement.
George Botkin
We live on a busy street and the old single-pane windows were letting all the street noise into the house. They replaced them with new double-pane ones and you would never know there is a street outside. Fantastic work!
John Wolf
The steps to our front porch were crumbling but they were able to replicate them and rebuild them with fresh concrete. Not only do they blend into our porch design, they are sturdy enough to last a few more decades.
Janet Luce
We needed a new sidewalk to our front stoop. They measured and installed it in no time. They even included stamping for a more tailored look. Now we can make our way to the door without getting our shoes dirty.
Helen Sanchez
Our home’s exterior was looking drab. We called to inquire about siding and they helped us choose one that is durable and attractive. The color is perfect and the installation was quick and painless.
Peter Pitts
Our living room needed a facelift and they took care of it. A new face for our fireplace, new lighting fixtures, and new windows. They were helpful with the design and professional with the installation.
Joe Whipple
Our basement was basically a cement box. They added a few windows, a few walls, and a bathroom and now we have a guest room and an entertainment room. We love to have guests and our family enjoys the space.